What we think when we hear a word ' eCommerce website ' ? A website which has all the necessary functionalities, attracting and at same time user friendly design, features and easy customization. Basically customers need a website which helps in buying and selling of products. This can be easily done through an eCommerce platform which directly or indirectly help you to achieve your goal.

In our company we help you to achieve your this goal by developing an eCommerce platform which has all the tools to manage your website, administrative features, payment gateway integration which should have an easy-to-use checkout with proper authentication and security check.

We also customise these eCommerce tools in such a way that they match with the client requirements and essentials. Because we think our each customer has their own unique innovative ideas which make their project unique as they are!

Let's dive In! Into the services which we provide you during the development phase of the website.

1. Capabilities to customise your website content.

2. Tools which help you with the promotion and discount codes.

3. Search Engine Optimization functionality

4. Reporting Tools and Easy Payment Integration

5. For communicating with customers by integrating blogs, article sections and custom report features.

6. Providing Multiple Payment Gateway Platforms ( Credit Cards, PayPal, Stripe and Other widely used gateway)

7. Easy customization functionalities, Ability to scale and help in adding new features.

Magento Development

Magento can easily meet versatile business requirements. Magento is a peerless eCommerce platform that enables merchants to create a personalized navigation experience for their users. Magento Development Services offers industry-specific solutions such as custom themes, extensions, third party integration and online promotions. Facilitate more sales.

We are very confident to meet any complex requirements and we have established our Magento Development Services model around quality on all fronts.We develop each Magento project according to Magento standards with a dedicated quality analyst for regression testing prior to delivery.


Powerful WordPress Plugin - Provide a unique and exciting experience to your customers with a high-performance eCommerce store built on WooCommerce. Get a responsive and functional eCommerce store with a rich interface, interactive themes, powerful extensions and user-friendly look and feel. If you are considering running a full eCommerce store, there is no better option than WooCommerce as it is a scalable, open source and fully customizable platform built for WordPress.

We incorporate custom functionality, hassle-free migration of your existing eCommerce store, we design custom themes. Escalan Infotech specializes in WooCommerce website development services and can help you develop eCommerce stores that have increased functionality to provide an end-user experience.

Shopify Development

Reward your brand with a secure and stunning eCommerce store with custom Shopify development services from Escalan Infotech. We are a highly specialized Shopify development company, primarily known for creating functionally efficient and cost-effective Shopify sites. Will help you optimize your online store, add more functionality, manage sales channels and inventory, and seamlessly track your store's growth and success.

We provide comprehensive Shopify installation, configuration and integration solutions. We also deal with WWE which has rich expertise in integrating payment gateways, shopping carts, APIs and third-party applications to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce store.

We strive to bring you the best Shopify mobile app experience in the form of bold, beautiful and responsive apps powered by Ruby on Rails Framework.


WordPress is a great and user-friendly open-source system with an extended plugin directory, a powerful template structure with a simple administrative dashboard to use. Escalan Infotech has expertise in providing custom WordPress development services.

Our dedicated WordPress design agency uses the vast flexibility of the WordPress platform to do everything you can imagine on the web. We provide maximum creativity, originality, flexibility and unique, high quality, feature-rich plugins with our custom plugin development services.

Our expertise in customized e-commerce development is matched by the advantage of WooCommerce and results in high performance B2B and B2C solutions. Escalan Infotech provides a wide range of world class efficient crossover application development administration for our worldwide customers ranging from bootstrap start-up to a large enterprise.

CMS & e-Commerce services we use

Choosing the right tech stack is a real challenge, but our team of professional web developers will help you choose the right tool to deliver the top excellent web application with all the functionality you need.