The Top-rated mobile app development company

Our strategic application development approach will put you at the forefront of your service structure. Which uses the full power of new mobile technology. Instead, we dive into the in-depth mobile app development, with our years of practice in the field to create a comprehensive application strategy in which your app is a key element. We record the mobile instant and the mobile experience you provide.

We take into account the market time, deployment environment, scalability and mobile platform while ensuring that analytics has been used in the past to use the performance of the application. Escalan Infotech has established itself as a leading mobile application development company with a team of 100+ affiliates, ensuring fully designed and productively designed solutions with the best possible returns on your enterprise in mobile technology.

Target mobile users with our mCommerce Solutions

Mobile users are holding 1/3 traffic of the Internet. Our mCommerce solutions will help you to target such a massive number of customers. For creating mobile-first approach at every major stage of your customer's journey, it is important that you select the right company. At Escalan Infotech, we offer,

  • Interactive UI/UX
  • Easy navigation
  • Hum-burger menu
  • Secure payment
  • Diverse payment options
  • Chatbot integration
  • Cloud computing
  • Beacon technology

Diverse mobile app development services

Our team is practiced with the most advanced mobile technology, development phases and work processes. Our mobile app developers possess these key components to create outstanding mobility solutions of the highest critical standards.

Android app development

We are a globally renowned Android application development company that provides sophisticated application solutions. We ensure that your end-users experience the best technologies in the applications we create. As a well-informed software unit, we specialize in developing visually pleasing applications with easy user navigation flow. We understand your business processes and incorporate you into a scalable and reliable mobile application to enable you to envision multi-fold business growth.

iOS app development

Innovation and technology combine at Escalan Infotech for a great experience for customers. Our professional iPhone app developers have what they can give to ventures. As a leading iOS app development company, we cater to world-class iPhone apps that have a very affordable price tag with a minimum turnaround time.

Hybrid mobile app development

Cross-platform application development technology enables applications to work on multiple platforms with similar content and functionality. This loyalty is in line with the growing influx of companies moving towards systematic mobile applications, which are compatible on mobile platforms, whether it be the Android operating system or iOS.

Flutter app development

Complete with frameworks and tools, a rich widget, Flutter allows developers to quickly create stunning apps for the iOS and Android platforms. The main advantages of flutter application development are that it enhances speed for the development process, reduces overall development costs as well as facilitates developers in cross-platform application development.

Native mobile app development

A special iOS application has been created for the iOS platform using tools fully supported by the iOS platform. For example, Swift and Objective-C. The device's hardware and iOS-specific features provide the best application and performance due to adequate access.

Mobile app development services we use

Choosing the right tech stack is a real challenge, but our team of professional web developers will help you choose the right tool to deliver the top excellent web application with all the functionality you need.